Combatting climate change. Empowering people. Localizing economics. In all three dimensions of sustainability this project aims to create local effect and serve as a role model for sustainable logistics and mobility in Southern Africa.

Stellenbosch is perfect for such a pioneering lighthouse project, which can build upon a quite developed bicycle culture, and on perfect conditions like a mild climate, rather flat streets, a renowned university, and a strong local wine industry. 

In supporting this project you will therefore be able to become part of an important innovation adventure, learn how to build responsible logistics and mobility systems, and contribute to sustainable development in Southern Africa.

In setting up an experimental scenario for an E-cargo micro logistics solution all constituents of such a system will be addressed building on and expanding local competence.


  • Local development and production of e-cargo bicycles
  • Charging stations using renewable energy sources
  • Development and integration of infrastructure Establishment of e-cargo logistics services for various sectors
  • Job creation through vehicle production, logistics driving, and maintenance services
  • Enablement of goods delivery services to underserved communities
  • Strengthening of a bicycle-related culture, education, and research
  • Build responsible logistics and mobility systems, and contribute to sustainable development in Southern Africa

Meet the Team


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Fozzy Moritz

Fozzy is the method mastermind behind the concept of “holistic innovation”. As director of  Innovations-manufaktur GmbH he initiated cycling-promoting projects in Germany and South Africa.


Armin Falkenhein

Armin is expert on urban development for bicycle-friendly cities. For his long-term engagement, he has received the cross of merit from the president of the federal republic of Germany.


Nicolette Booyens

Nicolette, CEO of SEED, is a socio-economic development specialist focused on local economic development in Stellenbosch.


Dominik Wedber

Dominik is an expert on the  management, moderation and implementation of interdisciplinary research and innovation projects. He built his first bike when working as a mechanic at age 14.


Carlien van Niekerk

Carlien is CEO of Lark Cycles, a cargo bike development house in Stellenbosch, South Africa. A
former national champion in three athletic events, Carlien has converted to cycling.


Bouwer van Niekerk

Engineer and industrial financier,  Bouwer is an accomplished e-bike builder and veteran of South Africa’s industrial and manufacturing sector.


Peter-John Freeman

PJ is our product designer and developer. His focus is the usability and aesthetics of technical products, while making sure everything fits the available budget and manufacturing processes.


Carinus Lemmer

Cycling specialist, business developer and Stellenbosch Fietsry board member, Carinus consults on cycling, active mobility and sustainable micro

Implementation Partners


Implementing Partners

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